How to maintain laptop batteries?

Since the day of the birth of laptops, the debate about battery usage and maintenance has never stopped, because durability is very important for laptops.
A technical indicator, and the capacity of the battery determines this important indicator of a laptop. How can we maximize the effectiveness of batteries and extend their lifespan? Special attention should be paid to the following usage misconceptions:
In order to prevent the memory effect, do you need to use up the electricity before charging?
It is unnecessary and harmful to discharge the battery before each charge. Because practice has shown that deep discharge of batteries can unnecessarily shorten their service life, it is recommended to charge the battery when it is used by about 10%. Of course, it is better not to charge when the battery still has more than 30% of the power, because according to the chemical characteristics of lithium battery, the notebook battery memory effect does exist.
When inserting AC power, should the laptop battery be removed to prevent repeated charging and discharging?
Suggest not to use it! Of course, some people will argue against the natural discharge of lithium-ion batteries, saying that after the battery naturally discharges, if there is a power supply connected, there will be repeated charging and discharging, which reduces the battery’s service life. The reasons for our suggestion of ‘not using’ are as follows:
1. Nowadays, the power control circuit of laptops is designed with this feature: it only charges when the battery level reaches 90% or 95%, and the time to reach this capacity through natural discharge is 2 weeks to a month. When the battery is idle for about a month, it needs to be fully charged and discharged to maintain its capacity. At this time, it should be concerned that the laptop battery should exercise its body (recharge after use) instead of being idle for a long time before recharging.
Even if the battery is “unfortunately” recharged, the loss caused will not be much greater than the power loss caused by long-term non use of the battery.
3. The data in your hard drive is much more precious than your laptop battery or even your laptop. Sudden power outages not only harm your laptop, but irreparable data is too late to regret.
Do laptop batteries need to be fully charged for long-term storage?
If you want to store the laptop battery for a long time, it is best to store it in a dry and low temperature environment and keep the remaining power of the laptop battery at around 40%. Of course, it is best to take out the battery and use it once a month to ensure its good storage condition and avoid damaging the battery due to complete battery loss.
How to extend the usage time of laptop batteries as much as possible during use?
1. Turn down the brightness of the laptop screen. Of course, when it comes to moderation, LCD screens are a big power consumer, and reducing brightness can effectively extend the lifespan of laptop batteries;
2. Turn on power-saving features such as SpeedStep and PowerPlay. Nowadays, notebook processors and display chips have reduced operating frequency and voltage to extend usage time
By opening the corresponding options, the battery life can be greatly extended.
3. Using spin down software for hard drives and optical drives can also effectively reduce the power consumption of laptop motherboard batteries.

Post time: May-12-2023
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