1) Corporate vision
To build an innovative leading brand of China battery industry; to build an enterprise with high added value; to let every person realize their dreams in Johnson Eletek Battery Co.,Ltd.

2) Enterprise mission
For the development of China's battery industry and the revitalization of Yuyao's economy;
For customer value manufacturing, for Johnson Eletek family happiness and unremitting efforts;

3) Business philosophy
Based on the user value, we should pay attention to long-term development without harming the user value due to commercial interests; pay attention to and deeply understand the user demand, and constantly meet the user demand with excellent products and services; pay attention to emotional communication with the user, respect the user experience, and grow together with the user

4) Enterprise values
PK --- dare to challenge, open PK, speak with performance;
Trust -- believe in the company, products, yourself, partners, and rewards;
Love --- love country, love oneself, love company, love customer, love family
Service - we are all waiters;

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