Precautions for using lithium batteries

After a period of storage, the battery enters a sleep state, and at this point, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the usage time is also shortened. After 3-5 charges, the battery can be activated and restored to normal capacity.

When the battery accidentally shorts, the internal protection circuit of the lithium battery will cut off the power supply circuit to ensure the safety of the user. The battery can be removed and recharged to recover.

When purchasing lithium battery, you should choose the brand battery with after-sales service and international and national identity recognition. This kind of battery uses high-quality raw materials, has a perfect protection circuit, and has a beautiful, wear-resistant shell, anti-counterfeiting chips, and works well with mobile phones to achieve good communication effects.

If your battery is stored for a few months, its usage time will be significantly reduced. This is not a quality issue with the battery, but rather because it enters a “sleep” state after being stored for a period of time. You only need 3-5 consecutive charges and discharges to “wake up” the battery and restore its expected usage time.

A qualified mobile phone battery has a service life of at least one year, and the technical requirements of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for mobile phone power supply stipulate that the battery should be cycled no less than 400 times. However, as the number of charging and discharging cycles increases, the internal positive and negative electrode materials and separator materials of the battery will deteriorate, and the electrolyte will gradually decrease, resulting in a gradual decline in the overall performance of the battery. Generally, a battery can retain 70% of its capacitance after one year.

Post time: May-17-2023
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