The difference between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries

The difference between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries

1, alkaline battery is 4-7 times of carbon battery power, the price is 1.5-2 times of carbon.

2, carbon battery is suitable for low current electrical appliances, such as quartz clock, remote control, etc.; Alkaline batteries are suitable for high current electrical appliances, such as digital cameras, toys, shavers, wireless mice and so on.

3. The full name of carbon battery should be carbon zinc battery (because it is generally positive carbon rod, negative electrode is zinc skin), also known as zinc manganese battery, is currently the most common dry battery, it has the characteristics of low price and safe and reliable use, based on environmental factors, because it still contains cadmium, so it must be recycled, so as not to cause damage to the earth’s environment.
Alkaline battery is suitable for large discharge and long time use. The internal resistance of the battery is low, so the current generated is larger than that of the general zinc-manganese battery. The conduction is copper rod, and the shell is steel shell. It is safe and reliable, without recycling. But alkaline batteries are used more now because they are environmentally friendly and carry a lot of current.

4, about leakage: because the carbon battery shell is as a negative zinc cylinder, to participate in the chemical reaction of the battery, so for a long time to leakage, the quality is not good for a few months will leak. Alkaline battery shell is steel, and does not participate in chemical reactions, so alkaline batteries will rarely leak, shelf life is more than 5 years.


How to distinguish alkaline batteries from ordinary carbon batteries

1. Look at the logo
Take the cylindrical battery, for example. The category identifier of alkaline batteries is LR. For example, “LR6″ is the AA alkaline battery, and “LR03″ is the AAA alkaline battery. The category identifier of common dry batteries is R. For example, R6P indicates a high-power type No.5 common battery, and R03C indicates a high-capacity type No.7 common battery. In addition, the ALKALINE battery’s label has a unique “alkaline” content.

2, the weight
The same type of battery, alkaline battery than ordinary dry battery is much more. Such as AA alkaline battery weight in about 24 grams, AA ordinary dry battery weight is about 18 grams.

3. Touch the slot
Alkaline batteries can feel the annular slot near the end of the negative electrode, ordinary dry batteries generally do not have any slot on the cylindrical surface, this is due to the two sealing methods are different.

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